on my mind

  • I've changed a lot in the past years, physically, mentally, in body weight, size, and look and I'm staring to get use to everything in life... But there's always that thought of you in the back of my head...
  • I know there's always going to be that thought of you in my head, and I'm just going to deal with it wether you will come back or not! to be honest I don't think you'll ever come back.. I knew you could do better and I'm very happy life is somewhat ok for you now...
  • I've become a lot of close friends with people not being so up tight anymore.. I have also become the biggest stoner.
  • I can admit it may not be a good thing be to me I don't think it's a bad thing either and it's my life.. Take it or leave it!
  • Guys are the usual.. Using me like they always have I've so happy you have moved on and are having a better life.. But I'm still stuck here in the same place with the same things.. Thinking about the same things... And like always one of those things is you.. JT ❤


I do miss him, but I don’t think he misses me
He’s moved on
thinking I have aswell
But I can’t there will always be that part of me that will never let you go.
I wish you would call or text me or anything I wish what we had before was something I could have now but you have a new girl and I’m just a waste of space sitting here waiting on you, even tho I know you won’t ever come back.
I love and miss your terribly